Tuesday, June 14, 2011

:: Welcome To Créät!vè iLog! ::


Hello World! -An Introduction-

So what's the deal now? Isn't this the same?

Haven't you noticed it yet? Well... You're a real slowpoke (and I'm not referencing Pokemon on purpose). It may seem as the ordinary, yet different feeling. I have decided to take a break from everything I have done up to this day. I'm really sick of the same old stuff, going circles and having no fun at all. Truth is, I'm going to start a totally different project from that which you might be used to seeing me involved (yes, music-wise). And its not that I grew tired of it, don't get me wrong, but I just wanted to try something for myself for once. After all, I have the right to do it.

This is the deal... Get it over with already!

This blog is intended for entertainment purposes. I will not, by any means, make reference to that which you're used to reading on my posts on some other sites. Not a chance. And before things get weird, I will say this one more time. I'm taking a break from everything. Créät!vè iLog will have a bunch of things you've never seen (or heard), and it will always be Monochrome. Why? Because I say so. Unless I change my mind about it. (Or if the situation calls for color, then you'll see it). So get ready cause this jet is just a few days from taking off!