Thursday, August 4, 2011

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Hello World! -An Introduction-

iPhone 3G Had Never Been So Cool!... Oh yeah!

So a couple of weeks ago, after having OS X Lion working with every single feature (that includes networking), I began making a small search on iPhone prices. Since I'm now into iOS development, having a device that will support the new iOS 5, could come in handy with the new Xcode 4.1(which is free now on the Mac App Store). Unfortunately, prices haven't really dropped, and I've spent almost all of my savings on a MacBook Pro. So when I was looking down on my iPhone 3G for not being able to support iOS 5 and all of its new features, I thought of trying to make my own version of iOS 5. It was not going to be a easy task, but I really wanted to optimize functionality. Cydia (available through jailbreak only… I don't support piracy, just third party tweaks), became my loyal friend and with a few Googling every now and then, I came up with a list of tweaks for 4.2.1 that were similar to those "new features" on iOS 5! Installing and testing tweak after tweak really made me nervous. I wanted my iPhone 3G to come back to life, but at the same time I didn't want to lose it on the process. After days of testing, I finally made my old 3G iOS 5-like.


Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

And since Apple decided to terminate support on our devices (3G) since 4.3, we are free to go with anything we want! And for all of you 3G owners out there who would like to make your phone have nothing to envy iOS 5, I'll be posting a tutorial soon on how to get the following features:

New in-app notifications: Say goodbye to the old pop-up screens that interrupt your games and/or social networking experience!

Cloud Synchronization: Although it's not as versatile as iCloud, this feature will surely be helpful.

Multi-tasking: Not native on the 3G? Really?

Wallpapers: Tired of the black screen?

AirPrint: Don't have an expensive, Wi-Fi capable HP printer? Neither do I, and yet made this work!

Game Center: Who said the 3G didn't support it?

And a bunch of cool tweaks!


Amendment of the day: Infinite Ammendment #0X03FC4000

Thou shall not want thy brethren's computer for thyself.

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