Wednesday, November 9, 2011

:: Hey Siri… ::


Hello World! -public static void main(string greetings){ }-

It's been almost 4 months since my last entry...

I really don't know whether an apology would be fitting or not in this space, but that's what I'm most bound to do in this case. But this time, I'm not giving one. Things have been a little busy nowadays, and I hardly have time to let go off my Mac and iPhone to do something non-tech-related. Taking the lose string from my last post, I am willing to finish it. But since I'm working on something new, which I believe will be even more interesting for you iPhone fans, I have decided to settle for a scheduled entry for the 3G once I'm done with this one.

So what's this new project I'm working in?

Sometimes I let my pictures do the talking for me, but since it may be an ambiguous one this time, I'll explain… Like me, I believe there are a lot of you who must've been upset when Apple released the iPhone 4S. Not only because it has rapidly diminished the iPhone 3GS's life span, but also it has once again exclusively marketed a feature which is proven to be functional on all devices. You know what I'm talking about. The new girl in town. That purple voiced assistant who is suggested to make your life easier even if she doesn't understand the difference between a sandwich and your girlfriend. Yes. I'm talking about Siri. As many other developers did, I was expecting to have Siri enabled in the Golden Master or public release version of iOS 5 for the iPhone 4. It all seemed just right. But Apple once again proved us wrong. It was a clever move, I must add. Just think about it… Same design as the iPhone 4, a 3 MPx upgrade for the camera, same RAM, and dual band (GSM / CDMA), and iOS 5 does not sound like something very far from where "amazing left off." So hey, why don't we set a feature which can run on the older devices exclusive for this one? That will surely increase sales! *Cha-ching!* Marketing people, marketing… So after this has been on the web for weeks now, many people are wondering if there is a possibility to have Siri working on the iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad and the iPod Touch 4G. The answer is YES. Siri is in fact compatible with the iPhone 4, iPod Touch, and iPad hardware, though it may not be as smooth as on the 4S, but the difference is extremely minimal. You might have seen videos all over the web showing Siri running on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G, and they are, majorly, true. Fortunately, developers are working to successfully port Siri on such devices, but there is one big obstacle on the road to completion… Copyrights. Since the Siri technology is owned by Apple, there is no way to have it out of the 4S without hacking into it, thus violating Apple's terms and conditions of software usage. But if you think that this will stop the developers from achieving it, then you probably don't know what's been going on behind the scenes. There has been a lot of drama between two smart developers who are actively working on a Siri port for public release. I don't intend to show my support for either one of them, since I wouldn't like to start an endless forum of who prefers who; taking this blog to one of those "Team Edward vs. Team Jacob" situations. In other words, a pointless discussion. But I can say this. Patience has its rewards, and by this I don't mean to give you false hope or no hope at all. I seriously hope you understand. And if things were to happen, expect a major update!

That's a picture of Siri running on an iPhone 4, by the way.

Amendment of the day: Infinite Ammendment #0X00000011

Thou shalt not run for thy Mac any pirate OS X image.

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